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Molecular Biologist by Training, Artist by chance or by Living

15 Cosmic energy-acrylic on canvas 49x70"

Cosmic energy Nov 2012

It wasn’t until after a life changing encounter with colon cancer and chemotherapy that I found art. It took looking at death face to face  to get  the courage to attempt, for the first time, to express myself through art.

Transcendence composite2

The wish to create something artistic was always there but for more than fifty years it remained safely hidden beneath layers of “too much to do”. I guess, having nothing to lose makes you bold sometimes. It gave me the courage to finally grab a brush and begin to make timid attempts to say something meaningful.

16 Sexual Healing-acrylic on canvas 50x66"

Sexual Healing Dec 2012

Some time later I learned that one path to  art was through introspection, that by looking inward one can reach a wealth of images that are a mirror of our experiences in life. If one digs deep enough the messages one finds are loud and strong, always mysterious and full of hidden meaning. 

Some time even later I began to slowly realize that doing art while looking inside taught me as much, or perhaps even more, about how to live my life than about how to paint.

Spiritual dancers 9-11 3views

Spiritual dancers Sep 2011

My goal now is to live and to paint and portray life and our world as seen by the eyes of my soul by allowing life to paint through me without interference from my mind.
(or is it to live just as I do when I am painting, allowing life to live through me, or better said, to let life live me, instead of me living life and thus, begin to see the world portrayed within me as seen by the eyes of my soul, ever so fresh, always so new, ever so mysterious and full of hidden meaning, and always with a sense of awe?)

26 Musicians-acrylic on canvas 36X60"

Musicians Sep 2010